About Me

Find something you believe needs doing, do it and share it

Hi there, I'm Usamah!

I live in Montréal, Canada where I graduated from McGill University with a degree in Civil Engineering. My love for the city led me to stay here where I work as a data analyst. I've worked in research, database creation and statistical modelling. Currently building skills in machine learning. I have a passion for IoT, AI and early stage start-ups and I'm always looking out to meet people to share creativity and build ideas with.

This space ties up my interests from different platforms I've been tending to for a while. Have a look around and check out some of my projectsphotography or musings on books I've read. If you have an idea for something you want to do, get in touch and I'd love to build with you!


Who I've worked with

How to contact me

I'm always happy to chat and work on something so feel free to get in touch with me over Twitter or send me an email (usamah.khan@gmail.com)