Cabin in the Woods / by Usamah Khan

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some photos. A few years back I ‘graduated’ from analog photography and bought myself a digital camera - the amazing Fujifilm XT-2. Its been such a pleasure taking it out into the world. But because of the nature of the medium I feel I’m less deliberate about what I shoot and when.

There’s something about taking a roll out, finishing it and waiting to see what your best shots were. But having immediate access to your photos as well as built in WIFi to send them to your phone and upload them to instagram causes me to reflect less on what I’ve shot.

However, I do love the crisp quality and the ability to edit my photos how I see fit. Some would say it’s not pure photography, but for me it’s pure expression. It brings an added layer of creativity to my process and honestly, once I realized that (which was only recently) I began to love that aspect of it.

I think of my photos as paintings now. Just in the sense that the raw photo is akin to the outline and the finished product is what I add to it. I’m happy with it and I’m happy to be able to expressive myself in a different way with this medium..but don’t get me wrong, I still love to take a roll out with my friends and get creative.

Here are some photos from a road trip we took to a friends cottage out in Quebec. Playing with the tones was fun to express the gloomy mood of the forest.