Montréal in Red / by Usamah Khan

When my OM-2n stopped working, I found an OM-1 in a great little second shop in Montréal, the corner of St-Urbain and Mont-Royal. These guys are great. One of the few places in the city where you can go and find vintage gear. Whether you're looking for lenses, old leather cases or adaptors its a paradise for film lovers. The guy there told me this interesting fact, apparently Olympus made a whole load of bodies for every OM line but actually didn't make that many lenses. So apart from their "kit" lenses - the 50mm f/1.8, it's actually really hard to find good lenses in working order. I feel lucky that my dad held on to his 55mm f/1.2. A quick eBay search informed me that that can go for $1200..hmm..

Anyway, when I bought the camera he threw in a couple rolls of film, one being this expired Rolliflex film that I put in and decided to shoot with one day. Well..when I developed the roll I was..a little taken aback. To say the least. It was not at all what I was expecting and kinda scary actually. Like a scene out of a Stephen King Novel. More specifically got me thinking about the ending of "Carrie". After the initial shock of going through them I figured some of them actually came out looking pretty cool.

This was a fun reel. I don't know how it would go if I knew it was going to come out this way. Maybe one day I'll try track down some rolls and have some fun with them. I reckon a non-expired roll would be cleaner, the grain was a little out of control, as is with expired film. Was fun though