South of France / by Usamah Khan

I grew up in Switzerland and while I always knew it was a small country in a small continent, I didn’t realize how small it really was until I lived a few years in Canada. Drive 4 hours from Montreal and you can find yourself in cities, by lakes or in forests. And while that’s nice, temperature and climate stays relatively the same.

Late last year, in one of the last weeks of Autumn before the cold started taking over, I took a road trip from Geneva and I found myself 4 hours and 15 degrees later on a Mediterranean beach in Cannes. That definitely perked me up to take some photos and I was so happy to be back in this ‘small’ place.

The highlight of my trip was when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in Nice. I've never been able to grab a good sunset shot, I think I still have to work on it, figure out how to make it dynamic, but sometimes you just need to grab a photo not for the craft or art but just to document something beautiful you saw.