Street Art / by Usamah Khan

I've had the good fortune to be able to travel a lot in my life. One thing I always look out for is the local street art. I grew up with friends who tagged a lot and what I remember most about them was how they prepared. They'd show up, late night, notepads full of sketches and designs they would refine over and over. Sometimes they painted to make a statement, sometimes it was just to practice on a wall. Whatever it was it was always a really organic form of expression that I used to love watching.

Fast-forward a few years to when I moved to Montréal. I came and was blown away by how this city embraced their unused walls and once a year opened them up for the best artists to paint at Mural Fest. These are colourful, detailed works of art that bring so much light and vibrance to the city. So I love biking around and finding some murals tucked away in an alley or underpass and when I do try to always grab a photo.