Street Photography with my new OM-1 / by Usamah Khan

The shutter speed dial stopped working on my trusty and lovely OM-2n so outside of bright sunny days, I was having a hard time getting the shots I've been wanting out of it. I decided that since I have a decent few lenses, I'd just pick up another OM body and shoot with that. I found an OM-1 in great condition and have been putting it to use.

The most interesting thing I've found is that I didn't realize how the body makes such a difference. On my OM-2 (my Dad's OM-2) my dad told me about a mod he made in the late 80's that allows for a finer grained less contrast-y image. After a couple of films I've found my OM-1, even with low speed film, end up with more contrast in comparison.

While this has it's downsides, it's been great for some B&W street photo sessions and I had a great one documenting the Portuguese Euro celebration festival.


This was a fun day. Maybe one of the few times I finished a whole roll in less than 3 hours..with the cost of development I like to take my time..

I still think my OM-2n is my favourite camera body but the OM-1 has been fun for some sessions where i wanna be a little more rough with it. My OM-G feels a little flimsy and I'm too scared with the OM-2 but the sturdiness and stripped back configuration of the OM-1 has made it my go to for when I'm running out the door. If you can find one with a 50mm f/1.8 you'll honestly have a great time. Speaking of which, the focusing rings on those lenses feel great. In fact, compared to my 55mm f/1.2 in that regard I like it a whole lot. Funny how these things work